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Social Impact / Eco-Friendly

Designed in Mexico City, Laika Notebooks is a socially responsible enterprise that was created from the desire to offer the best quality design notebooks using salvaged materials. Laika strives to create a design product that meets the highest quality standards that remains accessible to all. Laika collaborates with local Mexican designers and artists to create special product lines. The notebooks are offered in various formats, from A6 to A4 sizes.

Materials: Salvaged materials. The minagris and graft covers are 100% recycled.

Factory: Laika’s workshop is based in Xochimilco, Mexico City.

Employees: 7 employees.

Social Responsibility: Following extensive research, Laika has succeeded in greatly reducing its environmental impact for all of its products. Notebook paper  is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  

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