Who are we


Tribute is an online and brick and mortar responsible boutique and cross-disciplinary space born in Washington DC. We focus on two main activities: 1) Promoting ethical fashion and design in our retail space and 2) Presenting thought-provoking  programming such as exhibitions, workshops and talks that engage local artists, designers and activists, on the field of fashion as an industry, a discipline and a cultural phenomenon. 

We balance our love for style and the environment by sharing the work of many talented and responsible designers while also encouraging critical thinking about the fashion industry. Through the Tribute collection, available online and in our store,  we support both established and emerging makers and designers to bring you a well balanced edit of “good” and eco-friendly products including apparel, accessories, vintage, and homeware. 

The store and the goods we have selected embody the belief that quality design is transparent and universal. 

TRIBUTE is an alternative space with big ideas. 

About the founders

The 4 co-founders of TRIBUTE are Black, Arab, White, African, Lebanese, American - friends from different parts of the world who connected in DC. All 4 of us are women.  Growing up between Abidjan, Accra, Beirut, DC and Warsaw helped us develop a familiarity with the diverse textiles and techniques used in the art of making garments worldwide. It helped each of us develop a culture and appreciation of fashion. We have different voices and each has their own set of struggles as we move through the world. We focus our efforts on creating a responsible and inclusive platform to discuss sartorial and other cultural matters - a platform that respects and represents our diverse voices and experiences and the voices of our collaborators and community. 

We believe that today our work is so much more about conversations and exchange than only clothing. We can do better.  

  • JOELLE FIRZLI, CEO/The Curator. Fashion Researcher, Historian, Stylist.
  • MICHELLE CLOUD, COO/The Interior Designer. Foreign Policy Professional.
  • JACKLYN LARYEA, The Creative Director. Brand identity and Product Designer, Artist.
  • KATHLEEN DIAB, The General Counsel. International Business Lawyer.