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Cleopatra's Bling

Tillya Earrings

Tillya Tepe, literally meaning golden hill, is an archeological site located in present day Afghanistan - a place once known as Bactria. The objects found here are an astonishing array of styles that show the rich melting pot of cultures that met on the Silk Road. Hellenistic, Roman, Persian, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and nomadic peoples’ artforms were all contained in the soil. The archeologist who led the team found “Chinese-inspired boot buckles, Roman coins, daggers in a Siberian style” as well as jewellery and ornaments belonging to a nomadic princess. Influenced by this incredible find, the Tillya Earrings are an homage to the rediscovered treasures of yesterday.

  • Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique, which we believe gives it its beauty.
  • Not clip-ons
  • 18K gold plated. Nickel and lead free.
  • Dimensions: Width - 2.3cm; Length - 2.3cm.
  • Will arrive in 100 % recycled packaging  

 Care for your jewelry.

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Tillya Earrings