Vintage 1950s Candy Dot Purse



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Candy Dot purse with white, red, green, blue, and yellow micro plastic beads.   

Candy dot bead purses were popular from the 1940's until the 1970's. We estimate that this one is from the late 50's to early 60's based on its shape.

Unfortunately, this purse bears no maker's tag. Condition is very good. Some discoloration and wear around the zipper. However, the zipper is fully functional, and it seems that all of the beads are intact. 

Found in Baltimore.

Loren carries the Candy Dot purse. She wears Zii Ropa pants and Charix shoes.

For the love of vintage and second hand

Buying vintage and  secondhand clothing is triple sustainable.  Fewer new clothes are sold and hence produced. Clothes and items have a second life that keeps them out of landfills and prevents shipping them around the world to secondhand markets.


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